Just a Thought



Darkness is nothing but a thought, more likely a place, a place so dense that once you go in there, there is no return. Darkness likes to keep people in it, it’s like a whole different world, world with no colors of happiness or joy.

Children are not afraid of darkness because they have the light of joy and laughter to illuminate the dark. But our light is not that powerful because we know what darkness is. Life is too small to think about darkness because we have so many colors to think of. Like- Family, friends, and anything that makes you happy maybe chocolates or flowers. It can be anything.

It’s difficult for me, to not write a poem so I made a small rhyme, here it is:


“Color your life

And darkness will hide.”  🙂




35 thoughts on “Just a Thought

  1. By these words, you are telling us that Darkness is Depression, so keep out of Depression and be with Family and Friends and don’t let the Darkness engulf you.

    I have written a poem on Depression. This post of yours, seems a good idea for me to write about on my next poem on Anti Depression.

    Thanks Vidushi for the beautiful message.

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