No Boundaries!



All I want to do is enjoy my life

And roam around with no guide

It can be a desert or New York

Or with nature a walk

Why not Paris?

Where I can meet my favorite actress.

Why to put boundaries on enjoyment?

A thing in which you should never do adjustments.

Life is already short my friend,

Enjoy your life to the very end. πŸ™‚

(Here Is Something Interesting)

100 followers.JPG


Thank you to all my followers. Because of you guys I got this wonderful stamp- 100 followers.


I would like to thank my first 5 followers because of whom I got the encouragement to continue my journey. And of course all the others because every drop counts.

I can’t express my happiness to you all!

I should have written this post before but I got sick (obviously I didn’t get sick because I got overjoyed by getting the Stamp . Just a coincidence I must say). LOL!






17 thoughts on “No Boundaries!

  1. Congratulations on 100 followers! Enjoy your life, but come to know Jesus and His love for you and an eternal life of joy beyond anyone’s imagination!


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