What my Drive is?


I always stuck at a question ‘What is my drive?’, ‘What motivates me?’

Drive.jpg Made By Me(2013)

Its a tough question indeed, I think my drive is my parents, my elder sister and my talents.

Well it was difficult to conclude but I did and how I did, well that’s easy :

I gave trials for National Basketball Tournament and my parents were sure that I’ll be selected but as we all know life do not always give the outcomes which we are expecting. I felt very bad because I deserved going to Nationals, well I’ll not go in details, so I was alone in another city (my team members were there) I was depressed and decided to call my dad to tell him to pick me up.

Now there were two options, first: to give up and second: work harder and prove all of them that I am worth it.

So I chose the second one because my family supported me and they believed in me and they told me that – “If you have the talent, then why not show it and prove it!”

So that is how I got to know what my drive is. 🙂


15 thoughts on “What my Drive is?

  1. This reminds me of the time I had to go to college in a godforsaken place. The only plus was that it was a reputed name. But I just wanted to give it all up and run home. Thank God, I didn’t! In a couple of years time, you will say this too 😃

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