Is it Wrong?

via Daily Prompt: Obsessed


Is it wrong.jpg

Many a times I have seen,

People say, I am mean.

Is it wrong,

To be obsessed with ourselves?

Or to write a song,

Of our greatness?


Is it wrong,

To love ourselves the most?

Or to make a lawn,

Of our own happiness?


We should appreciate others,

Yes that’s true.

We can say “I love you”,

But why we can’t be our own lovers.


I do respect others,

But I have got to love myself more than anyone else does,

Because it will help me to improve,

And to prove myself to others.


12 thoughts on “Is it Wrong?

  1. true we should love ourselves more and praise ourselves nothing wrong with many say its wrong to praise your own self they say praise is when others praise you but i think we should praise and love ourselves that way we are lovers of our selves

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  2. A lovely poem. I believe we should love others as we love ourselves. So then, if you love yourself as much as this, you should love others in equal measure!


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