Strings of Myths



Its so difficult to believe

In my own ideas, and thoughts and dreams

In the world, where everyone doubts me,

Where everyone is eager to pull me down,

Into the world of hatred and jealousy.

But I have got to be strong

And should resist the pull and carry on,

If not, then this world will

Hold me forever in their strings of myths

Which will make me forget myself,

And will turn me into a puppet.


I must find the inner strength,

To stop the monsters of hatred.

How will I stop the demons of jealousy?

Will anyone help me defeat it?

We all together will make a world,

With no monsters and demons.

Where the royalty will be Kindness,

Humbleness, and LOVE.

a puppet.jpg

strings of myths.jpg


22 thoughts on “Strings of Myths

  1. “Hold me forever in their strings of myths which will make me forget myself and turn me into a puppet”… Mmm. Profound piece m’dear. Truly profound. You brought tears to my eyes because it resonated so powerfully with me. You have so much talent and substance in your writing. It’s been a pleasure reading your posts and I can’t wait for more.

    Liked by 1 person

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