Reaching In



She gave birth to a beautiful girl.

The girl  was as fragile as a flower

And as cheerful as a lark.

She didn’t know what conscious meant.

And made people happy wherever she went.

Then the day came,

When she got to know

The real phase of the world.

Her cheerfulness faded,

As she got to know more about this world,

Her thoughts changed about

The people and the life.

Now she can clearly see

The struggles in her life.

And her dreams were trapped

Somewhere deep inside her,

So deep that even light couldn’t reach in.

She asked her mother where did she go wrong?

Her mother had nothing to say

But to just blame herself.

But I want to ask you-

“Giving birth to a girl,

Was it the mother’s fault!?”

10 thoughts on “Reaching In

  1. Hi hi Vidushi from Kenya country of hospitality, Its not a mothers mistake to prolify baby girl…Biologically a father contributes chromosomes that determines sex of babies.
    Actually many people misconcept it mythically.

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    1. You just turned poetry into Biology! 😀
      Well..it was just a thought very little on facts, and mostly based on imagination.
      But, thank you so much for sharing that piece of information. Definitely would remember it. 🙂

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  2. Sadly little children are so innocent when small. Childhood is the most beautiful years of our Life. Stress Free, Worry Free, No Fears. No Doubts.

    Then later the reality of the cruel world comes infront of you and you have to face it, fight it, win it, try again……………………Endless till Death.

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  3. Hey Vidushi! Thanks for visiting my blog!

    This really resonated with me.. When we try to figure where we got lost (we are definitely, at some point in life), when the expectations we had of ourselves remain unmet, when we try to find our way back- we do realize a lot of what we were and had as children, were snatched from us as we grow up, by society, by people, by adulthood…

    But sometimes, just sometimes, we do manage to crawl our way back to the distant light of innocence and courage we had as children too!

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