Never Doubt Yourself



I wanted to be an expert in every field, many told ‘Its like running after clouds to catch them.’ But I kept striving to achieve my goal and although I am not an expert in every field today but I know a lot about them and it depends on me now. I have many options to choose from as my path towards success, I feel proud when someone asks my hobbies and because of my goal I have captured so many great  moments, so stay focused and determined towards your goal. The only important thing is you never regret the decisions you make because if you are happy then it is the right way. every coin has two sides to it and it depends on us which side to look at and create our own dos & don’t s.. So if you like some advice keep it otherwise let it in from one ear and out from another but never doubt yourself. We should always get clear of the blurred vision our sight and never do something because of stubbornness. 🙂

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