Motivational · poem

Setting Wrong Priorities

Always she knew how dangerous it can be

Setting wrong priorities. 

Always was careful to let no one in,

But oh poor little kid! Couldn’t resist him.


Why didn’t she put her defenses up?

Trust me she did

With all her might.

But his show was too powerful.

His niceness, his sweetness, his care;

Turned the walls into rubble.

And Oh poor little kid, couldn’t resist him.


She was wrong when she thought he was a forever. 

He was just there to pop her bubble,

To make her realize:

It is hard to live a fairy tale life. 

But Oh poor little kid, still, couldn’t resist him.


She was well aware of the dark prince, 

But never thought he could be him:

The villain in disguise. 

So she did, yes she trusted him.

Oh and how much she regrets it!


But now she is no kid anymore.

She is all set to take on the world.

She is a warrior now;

Stronger than ever,

Wiser than ever, 

Fearless forever! 

Now she has all her priorities set.

Oh my! The queen is back.


Hold your glasses tight Spectators,

Our queen is ready to fight.

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